The rise of mobile gambling

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With the world wide growth of mobile devices, it is no surprise that the world of gambling has
invested heavily in this growth area. William Hill, Bet365 and Betfred all have apps in the top ranks of the android markets. But it isn’t just the
bookies creating great apps. The Racing Post has developed a highly sucessful Horse Racing app partnering with William Hill. Punters can examine the
Racing Post’s well researched form guide then place their bets all in one place. Integration between great content providers and trusted betting
services are always going to be sucessful.

Specialist casino apps were some of the first
gambling apps to surface onto the big platform markets live casinos
at is a great source of casino reviews for you to
make an informed decision.
In a page like this you can take part of the
next-generation technology of gambling, a technology that allows you to set up an account with a log in name and
password, link it directly to the bank account and play without limits. With gambling becoming a much more widely accessible
recreation, even those who previously would never have gone into a casino, are able to entertain themselves.
You only have to choose the moment: during the daily commute or to sit comfortably at home and take advantage of the
accessibility of the new technology of online gambling.

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A Guide to a Safe Online Casino Playing

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Winning and entertainment shouldn.t be the only things on your mind when you play online
casino. Security should occupy the top spot of the list of your concerns. Every day, millions of players share their credit card information to
online casino operators - which makes these web sites a favorite target for hackers. Hacking is just one of the issues online casinos are
safeguarding themselves against; there is still a host of others. How do you know, then, if an online casino is safe? You would have to do some
sleuthing to find out.

License and certification. Just like in any business, a license means that the government of the issuing country
granted the online casino permission to operate within its jurisdiction. So you would also need to check whether online gambling is legal in the
country indicated in the license., for instance, has a license granted by the government of Gibraltar.

A safe online casino
must also have a certification from an industry association such as the e-Commerce and Online Gaming
Regulation and Assurance
or e-COGRA. The e-COGRA makes sure that the software the online casino uses is not rigged, and audits the company.s
finances as well. The agency also serves as an arbiter between a company and customers who have grievances.

Software. If the software used by
the online casino bears the names of Playtech, Microgaming, Cryptologic, and Boss Media, then in good hands. Not only do they build secure
software, they also do business only with licensed online casino operators.

However, there are companies too, especially the big players like Party - owner of - which uses proprietary
software, which means the software running the website is developed by the company.s in-house developers. The proprietary software allows them to
offer unique games which you would never see in any other online casino.

Besides gaming software created by reputable developers, the other
thing that a secure online casino should have is 128-bit encryption software. An encryption of such size is also used by the military to protect its
databases. No hacker can break into the system of an online casino backed up by 128-bit encryption software and steal its users.

Customer service. If you still have more questions regarding the security features of the online casino, I suggest you contact
the company itself. If the customer service representative tends to be evasive to your questions, then it is a warning sign. You would be better off
playing at another online casino, the one that doesn.t flinch at the idea of offering information about itself. title="safe-online-casino" src="" alt="" width="185" height="276" />

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William Hill implements Open Search

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Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Today href="">William Hill implemented Open Search on its CMS
enabled pages.

The implementation involved two steps, added an additional link tag to each pages header.

  title="William Hill Online"

This references the href="">OpenSearchDescription document. Now any compatiable browser (Firefox) can add this search engine as a
content source. Excellent.

As far as I can see William Hill is the only bookmarker to offer a search feature.

Grails documentation

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Open source projects don’t just require contributions to code, a lot of work goes into
creating relevant and timely documentation. The fast pace that many open source projects work at mean that frequent releases can leave documentation
frustratingly out of date.

There are a few things I like about how the Grails project manages it documentation. Firstly their website has an own edit (Wiki) style. Meaning that pages regarding the many tutorials, plugins, new features can be updated by the community. This
open style means that the project leads have more time to focus on more complex tasks.

Secondly I really like the Sun javadoc style title="grails docs" href="">Grails Framework Reference Documentation which are now being produced. The documentation
includes descriptions and examples of the various aspects of the Grails framework.

Lastly, if any of the documentation is out of date for any
reason, the community is invited to report problems to the project’s issue tracker to be recorded. Other members of the community can then look into
any alterations which need to be made.

Grails natural names - GRAILS-564

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True to my href="">pledge I’ve dived straight into the Grails source code, and the project’s
issue tracker.

To start with I picked an improvement classed as ‘Trivial’ which I thought just about matched my level of Grails source code

GRAILS-564 - “Have scaffolding display friendly names instead
of camel case class names”

With my own use of Grails I’d seen that class properties were now being displayed with ‘friendly

For example a domain class such as:

  1. class ManyWords {
  2.   String LotsOfWords
  3. }

The property
LotsOfWords is defaultly displayed in the scaffolding as “Lots Of Words”, however the class name was still being displayed as the short code
“ManyWords” instead of “Many Words”.

So to the fix.

I traced the scaffolding creation to the class DefaultGrailsTemplateGenerator. This
class is responsible for the creation of the default scaffolding views and controllers. Its in this class where a map of values is passed to the
templates in “src/grails/templates/scaffolding/” when you call a command like “grails generate-all <classname>”. Here is where I was going to
make my change.

  1. def binding = [packageName: packageName,
  2.                 domainClass: domainClass,
  4. multiPart: multiPart,
  5.                 naturalClassName:domainClass.naturalName,
  6.                 shortClassName:domainClass.shortName,
  8. propertyName:  getPropertyName(domainClass),
  9.                 renderEditor: renderEditor,
  10.                 comparator:
  11. org.codehaus.groovy.grails.scaffolding.DomainClassPropertyComparator.class]
  13. t.make(binding).writeTo(out)

I passed in a new property
naturalClassName, to the view templates and replaced it with the
previous place holder where it was appropriate. The natural name is created using
the method:

  1. GrailsClassUtils.getNaturalName(string)

My Pledge to Open Source

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I’ve been the gratful consumer of the products of the open source community for years now and
I really appreciate all the hard work that is put in by so many people around the world.

So I’ve now decided to get involved in any way in
can, and I’m giving myself a year to do it. I’ve picked a couple of Java projects which I really enjoy using as my starting spot.

title="groovy" href="">Groovy + Grails

href="">Spring Framework

As a side note, if anyone else wants to join me and get involved at the same time,
drop me an email.

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American ‘Intelligent Design’ text book published

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Every time I read about the nonsense in American about trying to force out Evolution from the
science class it makes me cringe.

href="">Ars Technica has a great review of the text book being put forward by
the ID movement. They find it to be without evidence or basic logically arguments.

Monitoring and measuring bandwidth

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href="" target="_self">managing and measuring bandwidth - Moved to a new

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Debian SSH Security

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href="">Debian SSH Security - Moved to a new home

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Migration - Dedicated Server

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I’m now doing more Java programming and less Php. Which is a good thing since I’m a terrible
Php programmer.

It soon became apparent that to host my own Java applications and web sites I needed a new host. is not a good
organisation and I really wanted to cut all links with them. This was all the encouragement I needed to move to my own dedicated server.

choose to jump into bed with a local (York) company called Bytemark.

A dedicated host
gave me the chance to make my own decisions, my choice of web server and its configuation. Also the ability to run my own increasingly demanding Java
applications since I had my own deadicated ram to play with.

However this came with the downside that I had to manage said server. I have
basic knowledge of HP-UX and bits and pieces from various Linux distros. But I’ve always liked a challenge and I look forward to running the show
for a change.

For the nosey people, I’ve got 2GB of Ram, mirrored hard drives running Debian Etch. I’m planning on installing Apache, php,
mysql for various WordPress sites I run and Tomcat for Java.

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